Officially unveiled the new flagship chassis, for the single-speed, shifter and DD2 classes, signed by Lando Norris and OTK Kart Group. The range is completed by a pair of chassis reserved for the Mini class: the Rookie EVH and the Rookie EVS.


Following the announcement of their historic partnership last 29th September, Lando Norris and OTK Kart Group are preparing the field for the coming season with the launch of the entire LN Racing Kart chassis range. The top model remains the already well-known LN Four.  The chassis reserved for the single-speed, shifter and DD2 classes is flanked by a pair of chassis conceived for the Mini class, the Rookie EVH and the Rookie EVS.

The newborn products keep faith with the company "principle" "Designed, Engineered, Manufactured, 100% made in OTK - Italy", which is the basis of all OTK Kart Group products.

The Italian company has always made the utmost control of the entire design and production chain a real feather in its cap, thanks also to the use of automated processes that guarantee uncompromising production standards.

OTK Kart Group's R&D department has been investing in the aerodynamic development of its chassis in an almost pioneering way for several years, through wind tunnel tests and CFD computer simulations. The result of this work has first materialized in the innovative M7 number plate, now made of blue plastic, which integrates in a complementary way with the new M10 kit for the LN Four: the front fairing and the rear protection adjustable in width, in compliance with the latest FIA regulations, are combined with the new side bumbers, now lighter in weight and smaller in size, to the benefit of performance and better cooling of the rear tyres.

The achieving of the optimal driving position is an absolute priority for every driver. OTK Kart Group knows this very well, this is the reason why now the continuous refinement of every detail concerning this aspect has been extended now to LN Four, too. The newborn LN Racing Kart is equipped with a footrest that allows a greater excursion in terms of adjustment and includes new seat supports. These solutions are in addition to the already well-known HGS steering wheel combined with the inclined hub.

The excellent technical and performance qualities of OTK Kart Group's braking systems are witnessed by the numerous international titles obtained in 2021, in the OK classes, with the BSD model, and in KZ, with the BSS model. In 2022 also the shifter classes will be able to adopt the brand new BSZ braking system, equipped with brake pumps with larger diameter pistons that make braking even more modular.

A pair of chassis has been launched for the Mini class: it’s the Rookie EVS, equipped with a frame that in terms of geometry favours the use of more "soft" compound tyres, and the Rookie EVH, designed for tyres of mostly hard compound. Both feature a brand new floating brake disc.